Tips to create a great social media plan

social media planSocial media marketing (SMM) is the latest buzz in internet marketing.  The increasing popularity of social media websites and the growing number of users on social networking sites has prompted global companies to use the realm of social media for marketing their businesses.  While there is a lot of enthusiasm and optimism regarding social media marketing, the process involved in marketing using this platform remains unclear. SMM is a journey and unlike SEO, it involves smart play rather than hard work.  Here are some tips about social media plan that can be used to make your social media marketing plan a success.


Always keep the client in the center.  The client’s business niche is most crucial in designing a social media marketing plan.  The network built on a website like FaceBook or twitter should be related to the business of the client. Though this platform may not give you the typical link benefit, the space itself may become a virtual business networking hub that helps you find potential business partners and clients.


Social media websites have great potential for online branding. Many global companies including Coke have used social networking sites to increase their brand awareness. Your profiles on these websites become a connecting point between you and your consumers.  Another important consideration that goes into using this mode of marketing is your definition of success in this platform. Before you plunge into social media marketing, it is most important to set your goals and be clear about what you are trying to achieve through SMM. Once you have decided this, you can take your social media marketing in a direction that takes you towards achieving the goal.


SMM has great marketing potential and there are three simple rules in achieving success through this medium- form the right network, interact genuinely and be focused about your business goal.