NASA Social Media

NASA Social MediaNasa Social Media has become a revolution in the digital brand marketing arena. It has achieved great applause not only from experts but also from the mass people. Their ideas are so unique and interactive which satisfy the purpose of their work.Nasa teamed up with Gelada mobile and web service to provide them with an interactive contest where users check in via Gunwale to help locate four related virtual items.Gowalle in tandem with JESS3 created a special edition of visual map to help users locate the moon rocks. People can also check it out through Tweeter.Goella has become very popular after their team up with Nasa.Nasa’s campaign through Tweeter also has had some other benefits as well.

NASA and Social Media

People can explore some incredible photos of the space which are really invalueable.Some guys termed it life changing photos. People from home and abroad have unlocked NASA explorer badge and over 130000 people now follow NASA on foursquare.Astronomical photos will definitely attract the inquisitive people of this arena. At least, they will not need to be a NASA astronaut. They have also uploaded some videos in YouTube which is very educative. It is very important for any company to give their knowledge about their activities. Adopting this campaign,Nasa Social Media gained huge popularity. They really set up a new trend in this arena. To gain popularity, other organization should follow the footprints of Nasa Social Media.So,you have to bring your followers under a roof to give them more exposure of your work.Nasa Social Media has done it tremendously.All the kudos goes to Nasa Social Media to invent such an out of this world marketing concept.Nasa Social Media also have taken some effective and viable decisions which pave their way to achieve such a huge accolade in this arena.

Nasa at Social Media

Nasa Social Media has brought the house down for their such a praiseworthy invention.We can easily say that Nasa Social Media have already played an instrumental role in this arena and we can expect many more from them in the near future which will quench the curiosity of its legions of fans around the world.