SMM – Start a conversation with your market

The world has gone Social, especially when it comes to online. 95% of people carry smartphones and “Check-In” when they are having their coffee, or eating lunch, getting their hair done. We spend hours each day surfing Facebook, Pinterest, Yammer……

Smart businesses are using Social Media Marketing (SMM) to promote their Services, Products, Causes. SMM is about promoting a website, business or brand through the various social media channels. Engaging, inspiring, interacting with potential customers and other stakeholders, nurturing existing consumers to continue bringing business back to the company.

Markets are places for conversations, marketing is your part of the conversation, social media provides a medium through which the enduring conversation between customers and brands is realized. Social media engages and interacts with customers and empowers their lives, activities and interests by assuming the role of a participant instead of a spectator. SMM creates, fosters and drives conversations through engagement, interaction and relationships. It demands and reciprocates attention, inspires change in the way brands communicate.

Internet marketing and also offline marketing efforts can be used in SMM. The techniques used are aimed at generating traffic for their websites, buzz for their business or products, and has the added benefit if done correctly to build relationships and also links. SMM is the process of getting established content distributed widely across many social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing Different Platforms

There is an ever increasing number of platforms that can be used. Some platforms are suited to certain types of business, other platforms suit other businesses. Here are some of the platforms available (the list is much longer than the following):

  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Bebo
  • Flickr
  • Friendster
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Buzznet
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

Content and “ideas” get submitted to these and many other platforms in the form of Pictures, Memes, Stories, Invitations, Games, ads, questionares, all created to be sharable, and all hoping to go viral.

Off Page Social Media Marketing

Off-page social media marketing include writing compelling content, shareable because of it’s uniqueness, or value to viewers. Consumers are entertained, educated,  engage by brands through their SMM. The job of the Social Media Marketer is to create great content that people are eager to share to their friends, and the world.

Social media marketing builds bridges between customers and brands , creates conversations in the Internet ecosystem to generate greater and more comprehensive brand visibility.

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