Social Media Tips – Social Networking Websites

Social networking webSocial Networking Websitesites like FaceBook, Linked-in, MySpace, and Twitter are becoming a essential part of the American and world’s web culture day by day. social networking website are those which allows their users to create personal webpage for themselves and use it to meet friends and families together on single platform, it also offers features to find more friends using friend finder, this way users can find their high school friends, college friends and connect with them.

Every social networking website has their own unique features, like user friendly login page, simplicity for finding and connecting new friends online. Sharing and watching photos and videos together and having chat if friends are online. But most of them must come with simple user interface and strong connectivity within users and this makes these websites so much popular day by day.Online social networks have become a simple but fast way to keep in touch with your friends and families around the world.


FaceBook become a giant website in social networking community, this website is really have high popularity among the users due to their simple and user friendly interface. FaceBook also provides friend suggestions based on your friend list, and also asks your friends to suggest friends to you, this is unique feature this website has. But what makes FaceBook stand up from crowd is their creative method for bonding users together, on FaceBook users can spread or create interesting quiz/games and share it with their network, this will help users to keep better bonding online with entire circle. But this is not only their last features, you will find more useful features like quick photo and video sharing tool, friends chat box, forwarding your friend’s comments on your mail or on mobile(if you have opted for that) makes FaceBook number one popular social networking website.


Twitter provides their users the ability to send short message called tweets” to entire number of people connected to user’s network. Here you have restriction of 140 characters or less for sending updates to your friends circle, so brevity is key on Twitter. Submitting links for your favorite online pages, products, news or re-tweeting other people’s tweets is a way to show people what’s your concern about.

Now day Twitter became place for word-war for celebrities and politicians, since every celebrities obtains huge number of followers easily they circulates their thoughts through the tweets, sometimes they post their thoughts through tweets without expecting any reaction and media and their followers picks up those lines. i.e. Ashton Kutcher.


If we look back in the history of social networking website, MySpace was the first huge and mainstream website for social networking. Basically MySpace starts as portal for musician, artists and music bands to find career opportunity, sharing music with all users and get together artist. Even FaceBook and Twitter already surpassed this website in the social consciousness still MySpace has massive web presence and attracts users.


This website is most popular among business professional peoples. LinkedIn offers great features which basically useful from business point of view, wide area for career field, job finders, business contacts meeting, socialized grouping feature for co-workers and ex-colleagues, keeping professional networks. With help of 85,000,000 professional’s users network, this portal become simpler but powerful way to spread business